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ZOO – Spoken Nights (9.8.2013)

Digital Room Records present: Spoken Nights
Where: ZOO Club (Linz, Austria)
Date: 09.08.2013 (23:00)
Line-Up: Dany Sativa, Gerry Verano, Nomek, La Phunk

ZOO – Music Love (8.6.2013)

Allsex Party for Free People
Where: ZOO Club (Linz, Austria)
Date: 08.06.2013, 23:00
Line-Up: La Phunk, Setexx, Benko, Nomek

Shine Bar – Sound Invaders (11.05.2013)

La Phunk & Nomek celebrating B-day
Where: Shine-Bar (Linz, Austria)
Date: 11.05.2013
Line-Up: Nomek, La Phunk, Mario B., Benko

Andy Kohlmann @ Cembrankeller

Looking forward to have a great night dancing to Andy Kohlmanns sounds @ Cembrankeller (Austria) 2.2.2013


Joined Kombat-Records today.
Let’s have some fun this beat is sick :-)

Hypnotic afterhour set

Recent set + tracklist from hypnotic afterhour online.
What do you think, a little bit too fast for an afterhour? :D